Bloomington Refugee Support Network

Our mission is to serve, with our partnerships, the refugees (in Indianapolis and globally), as well as asylum seekers, Dreamers, and other immigrants in the Monroe County community, and nationally.
Towards that end, we:

  • EDUCATE THE PUBLIC on the needs of refugees and asylum seekers, locally and globally
  • RESEARCH AND DEVELOP RESOURCES for use by local and Indiana resettlement agencies, the refugees, asylum seekers, other immigrants, local NGO’s, and the volunteers
  • HELP CLIENTS OBTAIN THE RESOURCES THEY NEED (working with SVDP home visits; vouchers; interpreters, drivers, anthropologists, finding work, finding apartments, receiving needed goods in addition to food (such as furniture, household appliances, personal supplies, clothing, medical and mental health care, acclimation) We have 15 trained coordinators (2 assigned to each family) to assist with obtaining the resources; the Coordinators receive additional drivers, interpreters, etc. when needed; we provide funds for legal help, including related expenses (travel and accommodations to Indy and Chicago for court appearances, and application fees) and for other needs, on a case-by-case basis.
  • ADVOCATE for increased U.S. refugee resettlement, including Bloomington resettlement, for adequate funding for refugee resettlement, and for private sponsorship for resettlement, and for support of asylum seekers, Dreamers, and other immigrants.
  • FUNDRAISE for refugees and resettlement agencies, locally, in Indiana, and globally, and for local asylum seekers, Dreamers, and other immigrants.
  • RAISE PUBLIC AWARENESS, INTEREST AND COMMITMENT for refugee resettlement and support for asylum seekers, Dreamers, and other immigrants.


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