Cosecha Narrative Indiana 2021

In Indiana, politicians have forced us to drive without a license since 2007, when they changed the requirements to obtain or renew them. We know that politicians can change the law and return our licenses, allowing us to drive without fear. One reason that our working immigrant community is exposed to deportation is because of the abuse through the discretion that police have when they stop us and we are unable to provide a license. This year we pressured democrats in our state congress to change the law, but when things got hard, they left the future of the law and of our community to chance and we never reached a vote. For all of us to be eligible to obtain driver’s licenses, politicians need to prioritize our working immigrant community in this next 2022 congressional session.
No more of our work should be solely through politicians, they must stop with their false promises!
In order to achieve this we need to unite all the people!

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