Position: Health Projects Coordinator

Position: Health Projects Coordinator

Term of Employment: August 2013- June 2014 Contract Year

Part Time: 25 hours/week maximum

Hourly wage: $15


The primary objective of the Health Projects Coordinator is to create a bridge between providers of health, social and community services and underserved and often hard-to-reach Latino population within the community.  The CCL Health Projects Coordinator provides outreach, education, referrals and follow-up services to those who are at highest risk for poor health outcomes, particularly those at risk of chronic disease conditions that include heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, infant mortality, tobacco use and HIV/STD/HEP.


Indiana Minority Health Coalition (IMHC)

  • Serve as liaison between IMHC and El Centro, representing interests of one to the other
  • Assist with planning and development of El Centro, its image and visibility
  • Assist and support efforts to design and implement minority health programming
  • Will fully be in charge of implementing the IMHC work plan for 2013-2014 that promotes health priorities in Diabetes, Obesity, and Mental Health.
  • Document activities, do research and collect data for planning and reporting purposes.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of health and related issues and of local and state health assets (help services) in order to serve as a resource to El Centro and to the community.
  • Organize programs and events to increase the level of information in the community, and where feasible, to improve access to health services such as the Interpreter Network.
  • Prepare reports and submit documentation to IMHC (and other granting agencies) as required of El Centro in satisfaction of contractual obligations.  Otherwise manage the day-to-day operations of El Centro, under the direct supervision of the El Centro Board President or designee.
  • Represent El Centro, as appropriate, in community meetings, in IMHC meetings and in other forums for purposes of education, outreach, collaboration, and problem solving.

·         Coordinator will attend professional development webinars and health related trainings to continue to develop knowledge and skills.

·         Coordinator will help with developing publications and grant writing for IMHC.

Direct Services

  • Maintain office hours
  • Maintain records (Example: expenditures, client intake, interpreter requests, program participants, evaluations, IMHC documentation, etc.)
  • Information and Referral – Assist clients in navigating health and other related systems to ensure access to needed services for which they qualify.
  • Assist individuals in identifying and obtaining the necessary skills and resources to improve their health status, family functioning and self-sufficiency.
  • Oversee the terms of Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs), maintain current partnerships and develop new partnerships/MOUs to support El Centro’s health programs.
  • Coordinate and train volunteers as needed
  • Stock office with relevant information (brochures, forms, etc.)

Interpreter Network Administrator

  • Point of contact for agencies and interpreters
  • Respond to requests and book appointments when needed
  • Identify interpreters for requests
  • Do follow-up with agencies, clients and interpreters (evaluation)
  • Outreach and educate about the network
  • Facilitate quarterly meetings and provide minutes for quarterly meetings


·         Plan and implement programs, services and activities as designed/instructed by El Centro Board.

·         Help coordinate the COPA Bloomington Soccer Tournament in the fall

·         Plan and implement one health fair in spring

·         Provide basic health prevention education on a range of topics, i.e. heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes, etc.

·         Coordinate screenings for: VIH, Diabetes, Lead and Blood pressure

·         Make regular visits to area restaurants, community centers, churches, neighborhoods, etc. to promote the services offered through El Centro Comunal Latino

·         Produce Media Health Promotions for radio and newsletter

·         Monitor, chart and evaluate all programs and fulfill reporting requirements for IMHC


·         Will be required to travel to Indianapolis occasionally

·         Work will occasionally happen on weekends and evenings

·         Will support board with fundraising ideas.

·         Will attend monthly board meetings and prepare to report data on CCL’s reach (i.e., how many people served, etc.)


Must have high school diploma or its equivalent, experience with the needs of Latinos, and understanding of community-based, health, and other related services available in Bloomington.  Must be well-organized, and have strong communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills plus some knowledge of computer skills and knowledge of web-based applications. Must be able to solve problems, exhibit cultural sensitivity, initiate activity, and demonstrate leadership. Spanish/English bilingual candidate preferred.


Resumes and questions can be emailed to elcentrocomunal@gmail.com.


July 26, 2013