Latino Leadership Conference brings up immigration law concerns

Web/latino_web.jpgStudents from different universities across the state at the Latino Leaders Conference Saturday sat down to talk about their concerns with SB 590, a current immigration bill in the Indiana legislature that would require police officers to enforce federal immigration law, similar to the Arizona law.

Latino Leadership Conference brings up immigration law concerns – The Ball State Daily News – News

Indiana Town: From Racist Past to Primary Present

Both Democratic presidential contenders are in Indiana today. Polls show a tight contest there between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama less than a week before the primary.

In a moment we’ll hear how Barack Obama is managing the controversy over his former pastor. First though, to Indiana where the candidates are even looking for votes in rural Republican strongholds. On Sunday night Bill Clinton visited Martinsville, a town with a long record of electing Republicans and a troubled racial past.

Now, this week our co-host Michele Norris traveled to Martinsville too. She wanted to gauge how voters there view the historic presidential match-up between a woman and an African-American man.