Hola Bloomington Julio 10, 2015

Los locutores de HOLA Bloomington Carlos Bakota y Araceli Gómez-Aldana entrevistan dos agentes de la policía estatal, Capitán Ruben Marte y Sgt. Curt Durnil. Los agentes hablan sobre asuntos policiales y consejos sobre qué hacer si eres detenido por un oficial de policía.
Hola Bloomington’s hosts Carlos Bakota and Araceli Gómez-Aldana interview Indiana State Troopers, Captain Ruben Marte and Sgt. Curt Durnil. They talk about important police matters and what to do if you are stopped by a police officer.

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Not Like Us

In fact, first-generation immigrants have a much lower crime rate than the overall population. As to the rapists claim, whites accounted for 71 percent of all sexual assaults in 2013, even though they are only 63 percent of the population, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Latinos, though 17 percent of the population, committed 9 percent of sex crimes.


Debunking the Myth of the Job-Stealing Immigrant

Most anti-immigration arguments I hear are variations on the Lump of Labor Fallacy. That immigrant has a job. If he didn’t have that job, somebody else, somebody born here, would have it. This argument is wrong, or at least wildly oversimplified. But it feels so correct, so logical. And it’s not just people like my grandfather making that argument. Our government policy is rooted in it.

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NCAA March Madness 2015: 5 Must-See Latino Players to Watch in Tournament

Kentucky Forward Karl Anthony Towns

As the United States of America has shown a larger Latino population than ever before, college basketball has joined the mix. This year’s tournament has numerous Latinos thriving on the court, just waiting to make their mark in the National Basketball Association one day.

Here are five Latinos to keep an eye on in this year’s NCAA Tournament hoops competition:


Once-retired ambulance heading to Honduras

BEDFORD — The wonders of modern medicine and quick response times during emergencies are a given in developed countries.

But in a country such as Honduras, obstacles are many for people needing medical care.

Capstone Ministries of Mitchell knows well the plight of the Honduran people. Later this month, Allen Burris, Capstone board president, will deliver an ambulance to a hospital in the village of Ojojona, which is a 45-minute trip from the capital of Honduras.

“People are often transported in the backs of pickups when they need to get to the hospital, so this is a tremendous blessing,” said Burris.

The gift of the ambulance was made possible by St. Vincent Dunn Hospital, which donated the out-of-service ambulance to Capstone.

“We talk about our service to the poor, and this is it in action,” said Matt Balla, chief executive officer of St. Vincent Dunn.

On Friday, Balla made the donation to Capstone official, presenting the keys and title to Burris and Capstone board member Warren Crawford.

Crawford visited Honduras on a mission trip in 2010 and knew of the need. He said he noticed the ambulance parked on Mitchell Road and when he found out it was no longer in use by the hospital, Capstone approached St. Vincent Dunn about donating it.


City to prepare for insurance changes

On any given day, 561,000 Hoosiers are without health insurance, according to the Family and Social Services Administration’s website.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act mandates that all Americans have health insurance. Those who do not purchase some form of insurance will be penalized with a fee.

Beginning Oct. 1, enrollment will begin for Indiana’s health insurance marketplace. The marketplace will serve as a vehicle for uninsured individuals who do not qualify for Medicaid to purchase insurance. Coverage under these new plans begins Jan. 1, 2014.

Indiana has opted for a federally operated insurance exchange program. The details of how exactly this program will work are unclear, Bloomington Health Projects Coordinator Nancy Woolery said.

Position: Health Projects Coordinator

Position: Health Projects Coordinator

Term of Employment: August 2013- June 2014 Contract Year

Part Time: 25 hours/week maximum

Hourly wage: $15


The primary objective of the Health Projects Coordinator is to create a bridge between providers of health, social and community services and underserved and often hard-to-reach Latino population within the community.  The CCL Health Projects Coordinator provides outreach, education, referrals and follow-up services to those who are at highest risk for poor health outcomes, particularly those at risk of chronic disease conditions that include heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, infant mortality, tobacco use and HIV/STD/HEP.

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Face of Indiana changes

INDIANAPOLIS – Like the rest of the nation, Indiana is continuing on a trend toward greater diversity as the numbers of Hispanics, blacks, Asians and other minorities are rising at a faster pace than whites.

New census data released last week also show the trend may accelerate in the years to come as the most racially and ethnically diverse age-group – Hoosiers under 5 – grow up.

The new census numbers are snapshot estimates of the population in July 2012, and come a year after the U.S. Census Bureau reported the nation is undergoing a historic shift: Fueled by immigration and high rates of birth, particularly among Hispanic Americans, the nation’s racial and ethnic minorities are growing more rapidly in numbers than whites.

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Latino models in short supply in Minn., casting agencies say

MINNEAPOLIS — When Paola Cardenas left Colombia for Minnesota nine years ago and began modeling, she thought the Midwest would be a quick stop before she pursued her ambitions in a place like Los Angeles, an international city that is home many Latin American immigrants.

But that changed after she married and gave birth to her son. Minnesota became home.

“Here people are really sweet,” Cardenas said recently during a photo shoot at Quad Photo in Minneapolis. “I think it’s a more relaxed market, it’s not like that high fashion.”

These days, Cardenas is in demand. Although Minnesota has long been home to the headquarters of big companies and the Twin Cities has a flourishing advertising production industry, modeling and casting companies have hit a hurdle. They say it’s very hard to find Hispanic models. That’s causing them to lose business.


Taller de Poesía y Edición de Libros CartonerosTaller de Poesía y Edición de Libros Cartoneros

cartoneroLearn about Latin American poetry and make your own cardboard book from recycled materials. The workshop will include reading poems from Latin American authors, creative writing, cover design, illustration, and book binding. Workshop led by poet and editor Giancarlo Huapaya and coordinated by Cristian Medina.

[more]cartoneroTaller de poesía y edición artesanal de libros cartoneros. Comprensión lectora (se leerán a poetas latinoamericanos y estadounidenses), escritura creativa, diseño de tapas, técnicas de stencil, collage, compaginado, encuadernado y encolado; forman parte del proceso de este divertido y educativo taller. Recicla y edita. Realizado por el poeta, editor y gestor cultural: Giancarlo Huapaya. Coordinador: Cristian Medina


Hispanic High School Graduates Pass Whites in Rate of College Enrollment

A record seven-in-ten (69%) Hispanic high school graduates in the class of 2012 enrolled in college that fall, two percentage points higher than the rate (67%) among their white counterparts,1 according to a Pew Research Center analysis of new data from the U.S. Census Bureau.2

This milestone is the result of a long-term increase in Hispanic college-going that accelerated with the onset of the recession in 2008 (Fry and Lopez, 2012). The rate among white high school graduates, by contrast, has declined slightly since 2008.


Latino Faculty and Staff Council at IU Bloomington presents awards

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Indiana University Bloomington faculty members, staff and students will be recognized Friday, April 26, for outstanding service to the university’s Latino community.

Aide AcostaAide Acosta

The Latino Faculty and Staff Council Latino Awards will be presented in a ceremony at 6 p.m. at Oliver Winery, 8024 N. Ind. 37, Bloomington. The awards recognize individuals or groups that have participated in service and mentoring, promoted diversity initiatives and developed awareness in the areas of culture, arts, health, economy, language or education. [More]

Judge permanently blocks parts of Ind. immigration law

NDIANAPOLIS — A federal judge permanently blocked enforcement Friday of two key provisions of a controversial 2011 Indiana immigration bill: one barring the use of consular identification cards and another allowing the arrests of people whose immigration status is questionable.

In the ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Sarah Evans Barker made permanent a preliminary injunction that she issued in June 2011.

[more]NDIANAPOLIS — A federal judge permanently blocked enforcement Friday of two key provisions of a controversial 2011 Indiana immigration bill: one barring the use of consular identification cards and another allowing the arrests of people whose immigration status is questionable.

In the ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Sarah Evans Barker made permanent a preliminary injunction that she issued in June 2011.


Monroe Smart Start

The Birth-to-five coalition is working together to create a community where children are ready for school and ready for life!

Our Vision: 
All children in Monroe County will enter school with the skills and attributes they need to be successful, nurtured by families sensitive to their needs and supported by a community committed to helping children reach their full potential.


The Birth-to-five coalition is working together to create a community where children are ready for school and ready for life!

Our Vision: 
All children in Monroe County will enter school with the skills and attributes they need to be successful, nurtured by families sensitive to their needs and supported by a community committed to helping children reach their full potential.



Just print your FREE prescription card and show it to your pharmacist. Save Up to 75%.

The discounts and savings on medications are provided voluntarily by the more than 61,000 participating pharmacies that have agreed to provide prices similar to what they give large insurance companies and employers. FamilyWize essentially acts like a huge consumer group buying service for the uninsured and underinsured.


Organizing to Combat Wage Theft

“Organizing to Combat Wage Theft” is the topic of a public presentation by two representatives of Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ), scheduled for Tuesday, October 23, 7 p.m., in the Monroe County Public Library auditorium. Presenters are Sung Yeon Choi-Morrow, who serves as IWJ national organizer, and Dianne Enriquez, who serves as IWJ national worker center network coordinator.

“Wage theft—not getting paid for your work or not getting paid everything you’re owed—is an epidemic problem throughout the U.S., and Indiana is no exception,” says John Clower, facilitator of South-Central Indiana Jobs with Justice. “We’re thrilled to be hosting two speakers from Interfaith Worker Justice, perhaps the leading national organization focused on this problem.”

“The best protection against wage theft,” continues Clower, “is to belong to a union. But for the large number of non-unionized workers, other remedies need to be pursued, in conjunction with the enforcement work of state and federal departments of labor.”

As IWJ national organizer, Choi-Morrow helps new interfaith groups form across the country by connecting local religious, academic and labor communities. She studied Political Science and Urban Studies at Wheaton College and earned an M.Div from McCormick Theological Seminary. She is a deacon at Edgewater Presbyterian Church in Chicago. Before joining IWJ, Sung Yeon worked as a community organizer for the Asian American Institute, particularly on issues of immigration reform, the state budget, redistricting and voting.

Enriquez has more than 10 years of experience as a lead organizer, popular education trainer, and campaign coordinator. Previously, she served as Director of Young Workers United in San Francisco, a worker center that organizes young and immigrant workers in the restaurant industry.

Event co-sponsors are South-Central Indiana Jobs with Justice and White River Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

For more information, e-mail jclower2@yahoo.com.

The Foreign Language Institute of Bloomington

Our unique program engages students with a proven, age appropriate foreign language immersion curriculum. We’ve personally developed interest driven activities that are geared towards instilling confidence in every foreign language learner. We integrate technology throughout our music, dance, crafts, and storytelling curriculum in order to successfully connect with every student. Our program of study will strengthen your students’ literacy skills while exploring new cultures. Learning complex grammar structures and linguistic intricacies is fun!


Capellanía. (Salud integral y Pastoral de la Salud)

La idea es brindar el servicio de Pastoral de la Salud con el servicio de Capellanía. La finalidad sería ofrecer este servicio a las personas de la comunidad hispana-latino que se encuentren padeciendo alguna enfermedad y necesiten de apoyo espiritual. El servicio se extiende a la familia del paciente, puesto cuando un miembro de la familia se afecta, todo el conjunto es afectado.


NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. NAMI advocates for access to services, treatment, supports and research and is steadfast in its commitment to raising awareness and building a community of hope for all of those in need.

From its inception in 1979, NAMI has been dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness. Financial contributions allow NAMI to offer an array of programs, initiatives and activities in support of the NAMI mission.


NAMI, la Alianza Nacional de Enfermedades Mentales (NAMI, por sus siglas en inglés), es la organización de salud mental más grande de los EEUU dedicada a mejorar las vidas de las personas con serias enfermedades mentales y las de sus familiares.

Tras su fundación en 1979, NAMI se ha convertido en la voz de la nación con respecto a los trastornos mentales. NAMI es una organización nacional que incluye oficinas en cada estado y en más de 1,000 comunidades locales, alrededor del país, las cuales se reúnen para alcanzar la misión de NAMI a través del asesoramiento, la investigación, el apoyo y la educación.

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Cáliz Latino en la Unitarian Universalist Church (UU)

Por primera vez en Bloomington se abrirá el círculo social conocido como “Chalice Circle”  y en su versión Hispano-Latinoamericana “ Cáliz Latino”.


¿Qué es? Un espacio de encuentro amistoso que se lleva a cabo en las instalaciones de la UU en Bloomington. La idea es compartir una o dos veces al mes (de preferencia los días martes) de 19:00 p.m. a 21:00 p.m. temas de interés personal y colectivo. No se necesita ser miembro de la UU, puede asistir a otra iglesia o congregación de fe, puede no asistir a ninguna iglesia. Lo único que se requiere es disponibilidad de tiempo y ganas de explorar un espacio de conversación e intercambio de ideas desarrollado de principio a fin en lengua española (castellano).


La finalidad es brindarle a la comunidad hispano-latina de Bloomington la posibilidad de participar de un espacio social en donde pueda compartir experiencias, ideas y proyectos sociales en común que puedan contribuir con el desarrollo de relaciones sociales justas y armoniosas.


El grupo se realizara con un mínimo de 6 y un máximo de 12 personas. La participación en por el periodo de un año. No se recolecta dinero, no se imparte doctrina religiosa. El respeto es una de las bases fundamentales del circulo “Cáliz Latino”. Si tiene niños, no se preocupe podemos organizar personas que pueden cuidarlos en la misma instalación de la UU.


El encuentro de presentación y coordinación de fechas de reunión será el Domingo 16 de septiembre a las 4:00 p.m., y el primer encuentro sería el Martes 18 de 19:00 a 21:00 p.m.


¿Como hacer para asistir? Para mayor información comunicarse con José Toledo a email: joctavio9@gmail.com

Festival celebrates Latino culture

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Indiana State Museum held a new, one day program on Saturday.

The Latino Festival of the Arts featured Latino music, visual arts, games, family crafts and activities.

The event was held in the Governor Frank O’Bannon Great Hall and was free to the public.

The celebration began with an hour long musical performance and was followed by a parade of flags representing Latino countries.

Festival Latino kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month

Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan spoke to guests before the city’s Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs presented awards.

“I want you to consider Bloomington your home,” Kruzan told the students in the audience.

He wished the students luck for the new school year and talked about how he fell in love with Bloomington as an IU student.

The commission and the city, Kruzan said, “want people to feel welcome, to feel safe, to feel they are a full participant in the community.”